Helping Families Achieve Debt-FREE College -- Learn More about the FORMULA
Helping Families Achieve Debt-FREE College — Learn more about the FORMULA.

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In order to understand your child’s eligibility for college grants (that’s FREE money!)… the 1st step is learning your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) computation. You now have access to a user-friendly and accurate EFC software… right here.

In less time than it takes to watch the evening news, you can learn your EFC with this software. EFC is the “barometer” in determining how much, if any, grants your child can receive.


  • Complete the short form below to request your secure EFC Calculator Account. By setting up your (free) account, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own password, thereby securing the confidential data necessary in calculating your EFC.
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  • If you have any questions or problems setting up or accessing your EFC Calculator Account… email our Customer Success Team.

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