Where America Goes For Debt-FREE College Planning -- Learn More about our FORMULA
Where America Goes For Debt-FREE College Planning — Learn more about the FORMULA.

[College Data Reports]

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We are proud to offer THE most extensive library of up-to-date College Data Reports (also referred to as College Profiles) you’ll find anywhere. Each report is packed with 2 pages of rich data that is crucial as you research schools and build your child’s College List.

[These reports were updated October 14, 2019. As a CollegeSuccessFormula member, you are among the first in the nation to have access to these most current College Profiles.]

Sample Reports

To see just how much valuable information is packed into these 2-page College Data Reports, as well as the huge variation of the actual data among colleges… here are 5 reports representing a broad cross-section of colleges for your review:

Updated Annually

College Data Reports are part of Wintergreen Orchardhouse’s 2019-2020 Hyper-Handbook published in October 2019. We purchase the updates every fall, so you’ll always have the most recent College Data available as you’re researching colleges.

[By the way… if you were to purchase the Hyper-Handbook from the developer/compiler directly, you’d pay $209… year-to-year… for the most current College Data Reports. The annual updates are included in our DELUXE and PREMIUM-Pass membership benefits… at no extra cost.]

College Search

Just enter the name (or partial name) of the college you’re searching for in the search box below. When it appears in the drop-down, click on it. The 2-page College Data Report will appear in a new browser tab. You can view it… and/or save it to your hard drive… and/or print it. It’s that easy!

Access to unlimited College Data Reports requires an active membership.

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