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"Your Debt-Free
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Tom Bottorf

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  1. The 7-Step process to graduate from a top college... with NO student loans  (no parent loans either!)
  2. The MOST important financial aid term that you've got to understand... EFC
  3. The steps to take AFTER you leave this webinar to achieve Debt-FREE College 

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Thanks to CollegeSuccessFormula, my daughter was able to get her degree on time and for a fraction of the cost! It will save you time, money and stress.

 – Cheryl Haworth

My son attends Stanford, receiving a substantial financial aid from the school. The Formula made it all possible. This was the best investment I have made in years!

 – Yves Lebienvenu

CollegeSuccessFormula has optimized the most critical information for both parents and students and it’s brought to you in innovative, digital ways that work.

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Thank you so much for opening my daughter’s eyes to the numerous possibilities that she has to choose from. This weekend she got her 1st acceptance letter. She is thrilled.

 – Tracy Thomason

Who We Are

For parents with high school kids bound for college worried about the Return-On-Investment of higher education, CollegeSuccessFormula teaches the 12 steps that help find affordable and excellent-fit colleges where students gain marketable knowledge and skills, preparing them for a satisfying career with NO Student Loans.

Unlike the counseling offered by those who encourage students and their parents to borrow heavily… our program emphasizes debt-free college while not compromising the quality of education or post-college success.

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