Where America Goes For Debt-FREE College Planning -- Learn More about our FORMULA
Where America Goes For Debt-FREE College Planning — Learn more about the FORMULA.

Once Upon A Time…

It all began in 2005 when Tom and Lawrene Bottorf started GetCollegeFunding, a Private Counseling firm with headquarters in Dana Point, CA… whose mission was to teach families with college-bound children how the Admissions and Financial Aid processes work. For the past 10 years, they’ve helped 1000’s of families “get ready for college”.

Tom and Lawrene hand-picked some of the finest experts in the nation to join their Advisory Team to assure world-class advice and support for their client families in every area of College Planning necessary for success.

Tom Bottorf
Lawrene Bottorf

Here Are Their Areas of Specialty

  • College Selection
  • Career & College Majors
  • Applications & Essays
  • SAT/ACT/PSAT Test Preparation
  • Financial Aid
  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Understanding EFC
  • College and Retirement Planning
  • Tax Strategies
  • Scholar Athletes

The college landscape has changed dramatically over the last generation, resulting in a greater need than ever to plan properly. Dismal college graduation rates, transfer rates, student loan debt, and wide-spread unemployment among recent graduates are a sad testimony to how important proper college planning has become.

Birth of “The FORMULA”

Let’s face it… Private College Counseling is expensive.

There’s just no way around it. It requires countless hours behind the scenes as well as face-to-face (or skype) time in order to assure a family’s success.

Because CollegeSuccessFormula is entirely online, we’ve made it affordable for everyone. How’s a buck a day sound?
Click here for details…

By the way, the CollegeSuccessFormula team defines “success” as
finding colleges that are EXCELLENT-fit for the student… AND allowing the family to incur little-to-no debt, resulting in the student’s 4-year graduation followed with a meaningful career.


While Tom and Lawrene and their Advisory Team will continue to take on private clients, they want to impact the lives of not just 100’s of families each year… but rather 1000’s, ideally 10’s of 1000’s!

So… they’ve packaged more than a decade of experience into a 1st-of-its-kind College Planning Membership Site that is totally scalable. By using the latest web-based technology, they are now able to deliver content to moms, dads, and their college-bound students all across America… content that ’til now had to be delivered by way of 1-on-1 in-person meetings.

So What Type of “Content”?

Just as Tom and Lawrene and their Advisory Team have counseled countless families in every area of College Planning necessary for success, now through the effective use of Video Courses… CollegeSuccessFormula can provide the same instruction.

And even more information can be provided now… by way of The FORMULA’s innovative College Planning TOOLBOX.

The TOOLBOX contains nearly 100 “tools”, including:

  • Downloads (PDF’s, e-Books, and Checklists)
  • Helpful Websites (big time-savers)
  • Online Tools (additional platforms)
  • Tutorials (how-to videos)
  • Videos (3rd-party)

Content Creation vs Aggregation

CollegeSuccessFormula is comprised of both Created Content and Aggregated Content, providing you with “the best of” in all areas of college planning. Both provide immense benefit to you and your family as you plan for college.

Created Content

Our Created Content has resulted from the accumulation of 10 years of Private Counseling experience. You’ll receive the same tips, strategies, and knowledge enjoyed by families all across America who have engaged with Tom and Lawrene’s Private Counseling Practice, including their Advisory Team.

Aggregated Content

The Aggregated Content will save you countless hours of googling and digging, never being quite certain how accurate or up-to-date the information actually is that you come across on your own. CollegeSuccessFormula provides links to the best tools and resources out there to guide you through the process of proper college planning.

We Hope You’ll Join Us

On behalf of our entire team, welcome to CollegeSuccessFormula. To get you started, we invite you to take full advantage of our free resources. Start off with our complimentary GUEST-Pass.

Our mission today at CollegeSuccessFormula remains exactly the same as it was when we first embarked on this adventure more than a decade ago when we started GetCollegeFunding:
To help your child get into the best college possible, AND… graduate debt-FREE.

There’s much at stake in planning for your children’s higher education.

This is NO time to experiment… get The FORMULA!

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